visy strives to make the world a better place...

By creating value for our employees and customers, and investing in new business opportunities.

By converting waste into value, managing our impacts and creating environmentally sensitive products and services.

For our employees, the communities in which we operate, and the broader community through the Pratt Foundation and Visy Cares.

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Visy Recycling
collects, sorts & re-processes recyclable materials which ultimately form new end products.
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Visy Pulp & Paper
produces 100% recycled paper & virgin kraft paper for the packaging & building industries.
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Visy Board
manufactures corrugated cardboard boxes from recycled & virgin kraft paper.
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Visy Specialties
specialty cartons & protective packaging.
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Visy Beverage
is a leading supplier of PET bottles, aseptic cartons and aluminium cans.
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Visy Food
manufactures steel cans and ends, barrier sheet, HIPS and polypropylene cups and trays
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Visy Industrial Packaging
specialises in the development & supply of high quality plastic and steel packaging.
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Visy Automation
specialises in the engineering & integration of robotic handling & packaging equipment.
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Visy Displays
Produce high impact point of sale displays.
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